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Brand Comparisons

You are probably looking at this page as you have never heard of most/any of the brands listed. They all make wind chimes with metal tubes and round tops, right?   

Yes, broadly speaking, they do.  We call these:

Classic Chimes

The brand comparisons shown only include these: no chimes with fancy bits such as stone accents, crystal or bells (though we do of course offer such chimes). 

There are dozens to choose from - the following should give you a feel for what's on offer.

 compare 18.jpg
 compare 36.jpg
Manufacturers define the size of a wind chime by "overall length".  This can be misleading - you may findoverall length.jpg it more helpful to check the length of the longest chime, which we give in all our product descriptions.

Listen to it!

There are sound files and/or video clips for all of our branded chimes.

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