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Bamboo Wind Chimes

  bamboo plain 268.jpg
 bamboo decorated 268.jpg

All our bamboo wind chimes are handcrafted by a number of different family workshops and co-operatives throughout Indonesia and Thailand using locally sourced bamboo, coconut shell and various grasses.

There are plenty of designs to choose from, so we've displayed them in two separate collections:  those with plain chimes and those which are decorated.  We offer free UK delivery on everything.

Bamboo, decorated chimes

Painted flowers, sunbursts, swirly patterns or stripes as displayed on the striking Tiger bamboo chime.  You'll also find some items with coloured bamboo chimes.

Bamboo, plain chimes

Choose from a variety of designs and sizes:  from little Jambi. which features a coconut top and 6 cut bamboo chimes, to the magnificent Serengeti - 12 cut chimes supported by a section of giant bamboo.

Our best selling bamboo chimes

bamboo best_tiger1.jpg
bamboo best_izumo3.jpg
bamboo best_hanada2.jpg
bamboo best_padi hat3.jpg

Bamboo chimes generally produce muted tones; the larger the diameter of the chime, the deeper the tone.  They do not resonate like metal chimes do, so if you are concerned about disturbing your neighbours, a bamboo chime is a good choice!