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Tiger Bamboo Wind Chime

Tiger Bamboo Wind Chime
Tiger Bamboo Wind Chime Tiger Bamboo Wind Chime

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Semi-circular section of bamboo supports 12 bamboo chimes arranged in 2 rows of 6, all strikingly decorated with stripes and strung on sturdy black nylon line.

3 windcatchers hang below, each of which activates a wooden striker.  Broad diameter chimes, so deep, mellow tones.

This item is not boxed.

Please note:  bamboo - particularly the larger variety as used in the Tiger chime, is sensitive to humidity and sudden temperature changes.  Splits can occur as the bamboo expands and contracts in reaction to climate changes:   such splits are not of concern; they are normal to bamboo and will not affect the sound of your chimes.

Overall length:  111 cm (43 inches)
Diameter:  28 cm (11 inches)
Longest chime:  40 cm (16 inches)

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