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December Birthstone Ball, Turquoise

December Birthstone Ball, Turquoise
December Birthstone Ball, Turquoise

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There are many superstitions associated with the turquoise.  In the 3rd century, it was believed to protect its owner from falling off a horse;  a change in colour revealed the infidelity of a wife.

It was said to have a healing effect on the eye - merely looking at it strengthened the eye.  Turquoise was a barometer of its user’s health, turning pale in illness and losing colour in death, yet regaining its original beauty in the hands of a new and healthy owner.

Turquoise is considered by some to be a symbol of good fortune and success, bringing prosperity to its wearer.   It heals and balances, and dispels negative energy.   It is also considered by some as a love charm, and when received as a gift, the turquoise symbolizes a pledge of affection.  

Friendship Balls were traditionally made by glass blowers at the end of their shift with left over glass,  given to family and friends to attract good luck and friendship:   they make a beautiful gift.

Hang in a window, on a tree, in the conservatory....anywhere it will catch the light to show off the glorious colours.

Suitable for inside and out.

Packaged in luxury presentation box, with hanging ribbon and gift tag.

Diameter:  10 cm

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