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Happiness Bell

Happiness Bell

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In feng shui, bells are used to remove negative energy and to bring harmony, peace, energy, happiness and prosperity to the home.  

This example is a single bronze bell with a fluted edge hanging below a curved metal plaque which bears 4 Chinese characters and a flat bronze ring with additional  Chinese embellishments in the centre.

A silky red tassel hangs below, and the silky thread from which the bell hangs features a red mystic knot or symbol of infinity which is said to further multiply its good chi.

May be hung outside in a sheltered spot - the bronze components of this item are weather-proof; the red line may be less durable.

Overall length (includes tassel):  30 cm (12 inches)
Diameter:  4 cm (1.5 inches)
Length of bell:  4.5 cm (1.75 inches)



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