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Kesuma Bamboo Wind Chime

Kesuma Bamboo Wind Chime
Kesuma Bamboo Wind Chime Kesuma Bamboo Wind Chime

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A coconut top supports 6 cut bamboo chimes decorated with swirly patterns and a burnt flower motif . The diameter of the chimes varies in accordance with length, producing a soothing selection of the soft tones associated with bamboo.

The striker is a bevelled wooden disk; the wind catcher is a vertical section of decorated bamboo.

All threaded on rot-proof, black nylon line with a hanging hook at the top.

This item is not boxed.

Overall length:  110 cm (43 inches)**
Diameter:  13 cm (5 inches)
Longest chime:  41 cm (16 inches)

**Please note this includes the wind catcher; there may therefore be some variation in these hand-made products.

The video is of another (discontinued) product with a slightly different motif.  The dimensions are exactly the same as the Kesuma chime and the sound is therefore no different.

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