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Live, Love, Laugh Wind Chime

Live, Love, Laugh Wind Chime
Live, Love, Laugh Wind Chime Live, Love, Laugh Wind Chime

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J.W. Stannard has long been recognized as one of the premier wind chime manufacturers.  Each chime is individually hand-tuned to ensure that it plays exactly the correct notes - the sound is so precise, it could be considered a musical instrument.

The 6 hollow chimes are manufactured from an aluminium alloy; they will never rust and will always maintain their perfect pitch.

The hanging loops which support the chime are removable - they can be slipped out of the wooden top and wrapped around tree branches or any closed support.  They also enable easy horizontal adjustment.   The line used to hold the chimes together is extremely tough and rot-proof;  the top and the striker are made from weather resistant hardwood and hand-rubbed with three coats of marine varnish to preserve its natural lustre.

Live, Love, Laugh features text - "Live, Love, Laugh, Smile, Dream" - with scroll and floral graphics screened on each chime.

Tuned to:  G#, C#, E, G#, C#, D#

Overall length:  74 cm (29 inches)
Diameter:  16 cm (6.25 inches)
Longest chime:  37 cm (14.5 inches)
Diameter of chimes:  1.9 cm (0.75 inches)

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