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Metal Wind Chimes

  classic chimes 268.jpg

 oriental wind chimes_268.jpg

Classic wind chimes

Traditional design, mostly with a circular wooden top which typically supports between 6 and 8 metal chimes arranged in a circle.  A wooden striker and wind catcher hang in the centre.

See also Arias Elite, Corinthian Bells, J W Stannard, Nature's Melody, Weatherland and Woodstock wind chimes.

Oriental Wind Chimes

Chimes arranged in a line or with additional decorative features such as bells, coins etc.

"Help - so many to choose from!"

All our products are ordered by price within each category - low to high. The branded collections are, for the most part, "classic" metal wind chimes, with Corinthian Bells at the top end and Nature's Melody at the lower end (though these are still good quality chimes competitively priced).  Arias Elite, Weatherland and Woodstock all fall somewhere in between.

Many have sound files; all have comprehensive descriptions (we're working on providing sound files for everything).