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Pagoda Bell

Pagoda Bell

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In Chinese culture, the pagoda is often used for the taming of cheeky spirits by ‘imprisoning’ them in it.  Hence the Pagoda Bell is a potent remedy to ward of evil spirits and bad chi.

This bronze bell is in the form of a 6-sided pagoda with 3 snakes on the top.  It hangs below a flat plastic representation of another pagoda  (though this has been cleverly painted to look like bronze) which shows a buddah within and which has 4 Chinese characters which translate to "Protection for the Entire Family".   2 bronze bells with decorative red tassels hang from either side.

The wind catcher is a Chinese coin, which also bears a decorative red tassel; the hanging loop features a single wooden bead.

This item can be placed outside but should be in a sheltered spot: the bronze/plastic components are weather-proof but the red line may be less durable.

Overall length (includes bottom tassel):  34 cm (13.5 inches)
Diameter:  10 cm (4 inches)
Length of pagoda bell:  10 cm (4 inches)



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