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Spiral Sparkler with Hearts

Spiral Sparkler with Hearts
Spiral Sparkler with Hearts

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10 hearts of highly polished, red stainless steel, each with a red icicle crystal suspended in the centre are arranged in a spiral below a shiny red metal hoop.

All threaded on black nylon line with a ring at the top and a swivel which allows the spiral to turn.

The red crystals really do sparkle and glow when they catch the sunlight.

This item is boxed.

We would recommend placing this pretty item indoors - perhaps in a conservatory or garden room - though it would also be suitable in a sheltered spot outside e.g. under a porch or on a balcony.  

This item is boxed.


Overall length:  80 cm (32 inches)
Diameter:  15 cm (6 inches)
Length of Hearts:  7.5 cm  (3 inches)


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