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Woodstock Copper Bells

Woodstock Copper Bells
Woodstock Copper Bells Woodstock Copper Bells

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The Encore Copper Bells are inspired by ancient Chinese bells.  Hand-tuned to a universal, penatonic scale, they work in harmony with the wind to create gentle, soothing tones.

For centuries, bells have been suspended in homes and temples in the Far East to ward off evil and attract good luck and prosperity. The Chinese were the first to control the pitch or note of a bell, making it possible for them to play tunes.

The wooden components have a bubinga finish, the bells are copper-plated steel with an antique finish.

This item carries a one year guarantee against defective materials or workmanship - however, we do recommend that you do not leave it outside all year round or during high winds and extreme weather.

Attractively boxed.

Overall length:  90 cm (36 inches)
Diameter:  20 cm (6 inches)
Diameter of largest bell:  7.5 cm (3 inches)


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