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Yin Yang String, Large

Yin Yang String,  Large

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The ancient Chinese believed that everything in life happens due to the interaction of 2 energies:  "yin" (black) and "yang" (white).

Yin and yang are contained within an outer circle which represents "everything",  they are not completely black or white - a reflection of life in general.  They also cannot exist without each other.

This item comprises 7 acrylic disks, each a different colour and featuring the Yin Yang motif.  The disks, which are smooth on one side and with a slightly rippled effect on the other, are linked together with dark pink nylon line, with decorative clusters of beads in between and a single blue glass pebble at the bottom.
Hang this pretty item in the window to enjoy the full effect of the sunlight shining through.

This item is not boxed.

Overall length:  118cm (46.5 inches)
Diameter:  8 cm (3 inches)


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